Nintendo Direct – 15/2/13 Recap

This morning was one of those times where Nintendo head Satoru Iwata decided to break some news, hosting not one, but two Nintendo Directs this morning! There was one for Japanese audiences, plus one for the American/European audiences – the only difference being that the English variant had more WiiU related news, plus news on upcoming third party software (such as Lego City Undercover and Need for Speed Most Wanted). But most importantly, Nintendo made a shocking declaration – that 2013 was the Year of Luigi. Forget your stupid bows, everything is green this year. How so? Well, read on!

Aside from showing off a bunch of footage for the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon (depending on where you live), Nintendo went ahead and announced a significant new expansion to New Super Mario Bros U, in the form of New Super Luigi U. It basically remixes the game, changes up the story and all 80 levels to better take advantage of it’s new lead, Luigi! There’s no exact date or price for the game, but it’ll be hitting sometime this year. Following that up is the shock announcement of a new entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG series, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, heading to the 3DS in Summer 2013. The setup is that it takes place in Luigi’s dreams. Yup. Finally, Luigi will be a playable character in the newly announced Mario Golf World Tour, also hitting the 3DS (and developed by Camelot).

Though despite the bold and welcoming declaration of the Year of Luigi, Nintendo had plenty of new announcements for their non-Luigi software. Such as the 3Ds version of Animal Crossing (subtitled New Leaf) hitting Europe on the 14th of June, a few days after the 9th of June in the US. No word on an Australian date, but it shouldn’t be too far off. Hopefully. Though we also got the surprise announcement of a 3DS port of Retro Studio’s Donkey Kong Country Returns, now titled Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It’ll also be hitting later this year. The rest of the news wasn’t as exciting, but we did receive confirmation that there’s gonna be another Nintendo Direct next week, focusing on third party 3DS games. This particular nugget of info was announced during the Japanese show, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with.

Thoughts? Aside from wholeheartedly supporting the concept of the Year of Luigi, it delights me to no end hearing of a new Mario & Luigi game, because they’re always pretty damned great. And hey, compared to the other Mario RPG franchise, at least it’ll be a good RPG game on the 3DS. Mario Golf also interests me, but I’m seriously worried it’ll turn out like Mario Tennis where it’ll lack a large number of appealing features and dropping the RPG mode of the prior games. Luigi’s Mansion looks great, and I loved the idea of New Super Luigi U as DLC. Donkey Kong also interests me, but I’m really praying that a lot of the motion control stuff from the Wii game gets turned down or dropped, it was the one part of that game I really wasn’t a fan of.

Otherwise, seemed like a good show. Very hyped for next week.