Rayman Legends Delayed Till September, Loses Wii U Exclusivity

In what has to be one of the most surprising and yet unsurprising moves of recent times, Ubisoft have made two huge announcements regarding the upcoming Rayman Legends. Firstly, if you were looking forward to playing it in a few weeks time, I suggest you put that looking forward somewhere else, because the game has been delayed until September this year. But what’s more, the game will also be hitting the PS3 and 360 at the same time. 

The news hits as Ubisoft released their Q3 2012-2013 financial results, which didn’t mention Rayman Legends as part of its upcoming slate of releases in the next month. It was then later confirmed via the Ubisoft Montreal Twitter account that the game will be hitting both PS3 and 360 in September, with the Wii U version delayed nearly seven months. At the moment, there’s no word how some of the Wii U specific functionality (which by rights, the PS3 and Vita could technically do) will be ported over.

Honestly, while it’s great news for people who don’t own a Wii U that they’ll get a chance to play the game (and in a weird way, expected to happen), it’s kinda terrible that the Wii U release is getting such a delay. Why? Because the game is finished. It’s done. The only reason for the delay, according to an Ubisoft PR rep, is to match with the PS3/360 release. They’re basically sitting on a finished game for SEVEN MONTHS. And it’s coming out the same month as what’s looking to be arguably the biggest game of the year, Grand Theft Auto V. That’s insane. At least get that one out first, I’ll not mind the wait. Again – real cool that it’s coming, but it shouldn’t be like this.