Skylanders Swap Force Offers Mix-And-Match Figurines

SkylandersSwapForce_WashBucklerSkylanders is serious business. Underneath the colourful figurines and interesting technology lies a franchise that has amassed over $500 million for its publisher Activision in America alone, not to mention the masses of kids and grown ups, alike, who have a proud collection of Skylanders. Which means it’s no surprise, then, that there will be another Skylanders game: Skylanders Swap Force.

The game introduces the titular Swap Force figurines, a collection of 16 figurines that can be taken apart at the torso, allowing you to mix and match your Skylanders parts and affect your in-game Skylander’s abilities. All up, 256 potential Swap Force combinations are possible. Because of this new feature, a new Portal of Power is required for Swap Force, however old Skylander figurines will be compatible with this new game. There will also be 16 new Core Skylanders, 16 reissued “Series 3” Skylanders and 8 new Lightcore Skylanders. In addition, all Skylanders will be able to jump around the environment, a first for the platformer.

Vicarious Visions, who were previously responsible for the iOS Skylanders games as well as the Wii U version of Skylanders Giants, will be leading development on this game. This is a departure for the franchise, which had previously been developed by Toys For Bob, though they will still be involved with Swap Force, albeit in a collaborative role. Vicarious Visions will also be giving the game a facelift, developing the engine in high definition from the beginning.

This news comes a couple of weeks after Disney announced they were getting into the figurative money-printing world of figurine-based gaming with Disney Infinity.

Skylanders Swap Force is scheduled for release this Spring.


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