THQ Auction Results Detailed, Who Goes Where?

After what feels forever,  the long downward spiral of THQ looks to have finally ended, with the company putting up its studios and IPs for auction yesterday. While not everything was scooped up initially, a huge bunch of THQ was sold, and we now know how much was spent and who owns what’s left of the company.

At the moment, this is what we know (via Polygon)

*Relic (Company of Heroes/Homeworld/Dawn of War) are now owned by Sega, who paid $26M.
*Volition (Saints Row/Red Faction) are now owned by Koch Media (owners of Deep Silver), who paid $22.3M. Koch Media also picked up the Metro IP for $5.8M. It’s also confirmed they now own the Saints Row IP. 
*THQ Montreal are now owned by Ubisoft, who paid $2.5M. Ubisoft also picked up the distribution rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth for $3.2M.
*The Homefront IP is now owned by Crytek, who paid $500K.
*Evolve (a project Turtle Rock Studios were working on with THQ) is now owned by Take 2 Interactive, who paid $10.8M. They managed to outbid Turtle Rock, who only bid $250K.

Of course, there’s still a bunch of information we still don’t know about the sale – specifically IP-wise. Not to mention how this’ll affect the WWE franchise  – but there are several reports saying that either Take 2 or EA own the rights.  Still, it’s quite unfortunate to hear that no-one made a bid for Vigil or the Darksiders IP. Let’s hope they don’t add to the already insane amount of THQ staff who don’t have a job now.

As for the results of the sale? I think several publishers got good deals. Particularly, I’m very happy to see Sega owning Relic – they’ve  slowly become one of the better PC publishers over the last few years, and they’ve already got a fantastic pedigree of developers. Not to mention with them now owning the Warhammer license, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to grab the Warhammer 40K license and get Relic back on Dawn of War. I’m also really happy to see Ubisoft picking up the Stick of Truth and hopefully going to get it released later this year. Though let’s hope the final results get revealed soon, very curious to see what else people now own..