Resident Evil Revelations Loses 3DS Exclusivity, Coming to Everything

I’ll admit, one of the better reasons to own a 3DS last year was Resident Evil Revelations. It’s arguably one of the best games on the system, and easily the best Resident Evil game released since Resident Evil 4. Sure, to really get the most out of it you needed to own the Circle Pad Pro and it kinda dragged at points…but it was still a pretty rad game. If you never had the chance to play the game for whatever reason, good news! The game is coming to other platforms later this year. And there’s also no reason to check it out, because it’s literally hitting a number of key platforms – PS3, 360, PC and WiiU this May.

Aside from the game looking and controlling better, there are some additions – mostly in favour of the games “Raid” mode, which originally was the multiplayer functionality of the game – such as new weapons, maps and playable characters. Otherwise, the original campaign gets one new enemy, and an extra difficulty mode. Not sure if it’s enough to sell most people, but otherwise, it’s good to see that the best of the recent Resident Evils is leaving the portable realm.