To Infinity and Beyond!

Disney_InfinityDisney has just joined the ‘Shut Up And Take My Money’ club today with the announcement of Disney Infinity, a new “gaming experience” where you can play a variety of Disney franchises through controlling some of your favourite characters. While games of Disney movies are nothing new, this is an amalgamation of potentially all of their biggest titles into one game, and in a format that has great potential for expansion and contraction at will.

How, you may ask? I’m sure you’ve heard of a little game called Skylanders, which just crossed the $500 million mark in retail sales. Disney Infinity uses similar technology, where the gameplay is dictated by which figurine is placed onto the base, and is also influenced by new Power Discs that introduce special power ups and items to the game world. While the figurines themselves look incredibly well-made, the real money spinner is in exactly how much the different figurines influence the game; the story-driven mode for each character can only be experienced in their own world. These Play Sets mean that when you activate, say, Captain Jack Sparrow, you will only play his story mode in his own universe. However, from what was revealed, this has allowed them to really tailor the experiences to the story lines and worlds and provide a deeper experience for each of the characters. I’m really pumped for the ship battles for Pirates of the Caribbean, to be honest…

But it doesn’t end there. The second mode of Disney Infinity is Toy Box, where you can let all the characters from all the franchises interact with each other, and just let your creativity run wild. You can create entire levels and share those levels with Disney themselves or with your friends, and the fact that this game will run across not only consoles, but also mobile and online, means that the breadth of creative material made available to you and the opportunities to show off are pretty immense.

The current list of release Play Sets looks pretty modern (with the Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and Pirates of the Caribbean the only officially announced ones), but there were plenty of hints in the trailer to the classics like Cinderella and Aladdin to appease a slightly more mature audience hoping to relive their Disney-fied youth. So enjoy your dollars while they last, because if the lines at Disneylands around the world tell you anything, it’s that nobody can resist a good Disney experience.


Edit: I just realised that Disney owns Star Wars. Just think of the possibilities now.