Pokemon X&Y Announced, Hitting October 2013

It’s been three months since the release of the last Pokemon game (the rather excellent Pokemon Black/White Version 2), so here we are, with Nintendo announcing a brand new iteration of the series hitting later this year. And sadly, they’ve run out of colours to use – the latest games are known as Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Whether or not that means there’ll be plenty of references to chromosomes remains to be seen. But you won’t have too long to wait! The game is coming out in October 2013, worldwide.

The games were announced as part of a special 10 minute Nintendo Direct broadcast, titled “Pokemon Direct”, in which Nintendo head Satoru Iwata proceeded to tell us how awesome Pokemon is and how it’s evolved over the years, before showing a brief trailer showcasing the game. For those who can’t see it, the game looks to be adopting more of the dynamic camera effects developer Game Freak started attempting in Black/White, while all being set in what looks like a very European setting this time around. The three starters were also revealed: grass-type Chespin, fire-type Fennekin and water-type Froakie.

But by far the most exciting news is that, for the first time in the series history, the game will be released in October in a number of major territories, Australia included. Whether or not this means we’re getting it at the same time as everyone else or a week or two later has yet to be seen. But it’s a start! Though count me excited for this – the new visual direction has me really interested, and I cannot wait to see what Game Freak do with the online capabilities of the 3DS.