Month: December 2012

NGP Game of the Year 2012 – Donald's Top Five

The line between AAA games and ‘indie’ productions is becoming blurrier than ever. It’s not a new trend, but it certainly made major progress in 2012. Traditionally download-only titles are as sophisticated as their retail counterparts. Sizeable game companies are trying their luck using unorthodox channels, whether it be Kickstarter, Humble Bundles or otherwise. No

NGP Game of the Year 2012: Bonus Round

The year is over and done with. The dust has settled, the wounds are almost healed and the Game of the Year accolades have been decided. And yet, this year’s games have been so remarkable that we can’t just leave it at that. And so every day this week, we will be publishing some of our

Opinion – The Characters That Make The Game

Seeing Mass Effect 3 pop up on a number of GOTY lists, despite the vocal group who still speak of that game through gnashing teeth, reminded me of my feelings about that game and the Mass Effect franchise as whole. I am seemingly one of the few people at peace with Mass Effect 3’s original

New Game Plus – S01E35

Well believe it or not we have another GOTY ep for you this week but this time it?s a calculated vote from all the cast and crews picks for GOTY, we also showcase the runners up.

Opinion – At Last, A Decent Video Game Movie

I’ve noticed a bizarre trend with the way I’ve consumed video game related media lately: The idea of the video game ‘movie’. The basic idea is that someone compiles all the key story cutscenes from a game, edits them all together and uploads it to YouTube or a torrent or the like. I still legitimately

THQ Declares Bankruptcy, Obtains Buyer

It’s been a rough year of THQ. It recorded continuous losses, closed its international branches including here in Melbourne, delayed many of its tent pole titles and, most recently, it haddefaulted on one of its loans. It was little surprise, then, to hear this morning  that THQ had declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the district of Delaware. However, this move

New Game Plus – S01E34

This episode of New Game Plus speaks for itself. GOTY, GOTY and more GOTY. So tune in and check out what our games of the year were, as we break them down in to respective categories.