THQ Delay Early 2013 Output

For once, I’d like to be posting some news about how THQ are doing a-okay and how they’re not closing down studios, offices or delaying games. Unfortunately, we have news on the latter category. A conference call confirmed that the three biggest games of THQ’s early 2013 – South Park: The Stick of Truth, Metro Last Light and Company of Heroes 2, have all been delayed. Not to mention the call also gave off quite an indication that not only have some of their big titles underperformed, but may have also indicated their future isn’t exactly going to be the brightest, more so than usual. 

Let’s begin with the delays (info via Giant Bomb) – Metro Last Light and Company of Heroes 2 have given a general March release, but not nailed to a specific day. For Metro, it was going to be a delay of a few months, it was the first time we’d heard a more solid date for Company of Heroes, which previously had been given a generic ‘2013’. As for South Park, it’s been pushed back to what THQ refers to as “early fiscal 2014”. For the layman, it means it’ll be released after March 31st, 2013, but before April 1st, 2014. During this conference call, they alluded to the fact that while Darksiders 2 was received well, the company feels the title underperformed at retail, and had refused to take any questions about its future.

It’s certainly not an encouraging thing to look at. Hopefully WWE ’13 puts some much needed coins in what’s left of THQ’s coffers, but it’s quite unfortunate for the ailing company. Hopefully something can come along soon and give them the kick up the arse they need and get them going again.