Aussies At MLG Dallas

Something we don’t see a lot in the eSports scene is Aussies competing in the large international tournaments. As it happens, this weekend we have 11 of Australia’s finest Starcraft and Halo players heading to Major League Gaming’s Dallas event running from the 2nd till the 4th of November (3-5 for Australia) competing for over 100 thousand dollars!

Newly sponsored by Red Bull, Team Immunity will be sending Starcraft 2 players Light, tgun and Blizzard World Championship qualifier Mafia to fight their way through the open bracket. On top of this, Immunity’s Halo team of Heff, Ogre 1, Benno and Voltage will be competing in the unreleased Halo 4.

Team Nvidia will also be sending their top SC2 players Deth, Rossi, WCS Oceania champion mOOnGLaDe and the retiring Yoonyj who is returning to his studies after the event.

You can show your support to the teams at their facebook pages and twitters @TeamImmunity and @NVSC2. You watch all the action starting from 8am Saturday, 2am Sunday and 2am Monday AEDST on as well as and MLG always put on a great show with the most competitive SC2, LoL, FPS and fighters going around. Good luck to all of the aussies heading over there and I hope to see them kick some ass!