Month: November 2012

Opinion – The Little Console That Could (But Ultimately Didn't)

With the Wii U upon us, it’s time we bid farewell to its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii. It won’t be remembered as fondly as previous Nintendo consoles; you won’t have people dragging their Wiis out like they do their Gamecubes or SNESes. On the contrary, it’ll be marked by certain corners of the community as

New Game Plus – S01E31 Remix

After last week's issues, we've been responsible and recycled! We air our AC double header, then follow it up with some Supanova and WaR, and end it with our inevitable Black Ops 2 review. I can see my inbox filling up already! And it's all on episode 31.5 of New Game Plus.

NG+ Feature – BarCraft

Last weekend we were down at Barcraft Melbourne and we spoke with Lalor from about the barcrafts they run as well as their future tournaments. For more info check out or follow them @siliconsports so you can join us for a few drinks and some great SC2 matches at future barcrafts!