Retro City Rampage Coming Exclusively to PS Vita in AU

For the last few weeks now, the long awaited indie game Retro City Rampage has been out there in the world and, depending on how you feel about the 8-bit era of gaming, is either the best thing or the worst thing. While it’s been out on Steam here for Australians, the game hasn’t seen a release on PSN, despite it already being out in the US for a while. There hadn’t been any information as to what’s taken so long, but thanks to a Twitter exchange with one of the developers, it was confirmed the game is on its way here…but not quite in the way you’d want it.

The game’s sole developer, Brian Provinciano, revealed that the game will only be hitting the Playstation Vita in Australia as opposed to both that and the PS3, which was part of the early Crossbuy initiative. His reasoning was that ratings are expensive and time consuming, and that the PS Vita version is exempt thanks to it being able to use the PEGI system present in the EU. To make things even crazier, the EU release covers both the PS3 and Vita versions. Not to mention that Provinciano tweeted that he believes it’s not feasible to have the game rated in every last country, so it’s unlikely to see the PS3 version, or even the WiiWare/XBLA versions.

Of course, an actual release date wasn’t announced, but it’s a start, even if it’s a pretty horrible start. Though unlike some developers, it’s good to see someone being open and honest about the release of the game. Though with that said, it’s a step beyond PSN exclusive Dyad, which was meant to see a PAL release in August. We’re still waiting…