Be A Bro, Grow A Mo For The Australian Gaming Community

One of the most suprising success stories of last year was the Australian Gaming Community’s attempt at Movember. Originally, the group had started off with 20 members and had raised only $2000. By the end of the month, the group had 52 members and raised $11,000. And to make it even crazier, not only was the group the top videogames related group (which also included campaigns from Activision), but was one of the Top 100 groups in the country. So with November coming around again, the AGC Movember group is back in full swing, and ready for facial hair growing, prostate cancer/male depression awareness raising radness.

The group was formed last year by one Matthew Hewson, whom did it to help raise some money for his godfather, whom had fallen victim to prostate cancer, and had also wanted to raise awareness of the issue. He describes the 2012 campaign as “a whole new kettle of fish”, with the aim to match, if not better, the impressive total from last year. Doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, there’s a place for everyone to help raise money and awareness.

Much like last year, I’m taking part, and was absoutely fantastic to take part in. If you’re interested in joining up, hit up the official site to join the group. Not to mention the group has a Facebook and Twitter to follow for even more details.