Fancy your chances against NG+ at the Astro headset booth?

As Timmay and Brad said in the hardware segment, Astro headsets are the real deal. Now, they’re giving you the chance to show you’re the real deal, by playing off against us at Astro’s booth at EBX! We’ll be playing Halo Reach and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 against our pre-registered players, with the player who scores the highest taking home a giant Astro pack.

Couple of conditions: Firstly, we can’t get you to EBX. You’ll have to find your own way there for the event, and the Astro booth games will be taking place at 1200 on both days. Secondly, you must pre-register by emailing us at [email protected], posting on our FB page at, or tweeting us @Newgameplustv. Finally, even if you don’t participate, feel free to head on down and catch up with the crew, as well as check out the Astro headsets at the booth. You won’t be disappointed with either.

TL:DR version: Play games at Astro booth, win prizes. Register at [email protected],, and @newgameplustv on Twitter.