PAX Australia Confirmed for Melbourne, Next July

Earlier this month, we reported on the ever popular Penny Arcade Expo making its debut outside of America and hitting our little island home. While we knew it’d be hitting in 2013, we didn’t know the two other important details: that being where in the country it’d be hitting, let alone when exactly in 2013 it’d be happening. And of course, it’s been kind of a popular debate, with people sorta guessing that it was either Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane to be host city, with the odd suggestion of something like Adelaide or Tasmania. Well, fret no more as it’s pretty much all but confirmed that not only will PAX Australia be hitting the country in July, but it’ll be hitting the coolest damned city in the country, Melbourne!

The info comes from some sales documentation sent to Kotaku Australia, wherein they confirm that not only will the expo will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds, but will be happening on the weekend of July 19-21st. Right smack bang in the middle of winter.

So there we go – there’s the two biggest mysteries down. Now for all the smaller stuff, like who’s coming down, if there’s going to be an indie megabooth etc. Still, fantastic news to hear – it’s been far too long since there was a gaming convention down here in Melbourne.