Lame Game Marathon – Final Lineup Announced!

Not too long ago, we taked about the Lame Game Marathon 2 – the sequel to last years 24 hour livestream event where three slightly insane Melbourne gamers took it upon themsleves to play through a number of bad games for charity, raising thousands of dollars in doing so.  So this year, with a goal of over $5000 dollars, it’ll be going down this Saturday, and the final line up of games for the lads to suffer and endure has been announced.

There’ll be fifteen games to play, five each for the original Playstation, PC and Nintendo Wii. Inititally, we knew about the first twelve, but the last three were open to fan voting. And without further ado, take a gander as to what the lads will be suffering through, with the entries in brackets the fan voted ones:

Big Rigs
Toilet Tycoon
The Zoo Race
Street Cleaning Simulator
(Barbie Horse Adventure)


Mortal Kombat – Special Forces
Mary-Kate & Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall
Bubsy 3D
Hooters Road Trip
(Spice Girls: Spice World)


Sukeban Shachou Rena
Hooked! Real Motion Fishing
Man vs Wild
Ninjabread Man
(Babysitting Mama)

Definitely a great list for suffering. While the PS1 selection will easily be my favourite to watch, I cannot wait for The Zoo Race to get played. That game is something bloody else and has to be seen to be believed. But more importantly, there’s still time to get involved! Check out the Lame Game Marathon website for more details, and sponsor via Everyday Hero. It’s for a good cause, and hey, watching someone elses suffering and descent into insanity has to be worth a few dollars, right?