Follow The Captain! Earth Defense Force 4 Announced

Earth Defense Force is one of those games that shouldn’t be as fun as it is. You shoot a tonne of bugs, enough that it’s not uncommon to see the game constantly chugging to show as many bugs on screen as it does, but it’s a bloody good time and the perfect mindless video game. So it’s quite fantastic to hear that after the disappointing Insect Armageddon, D3 is getting it’s bug stomping boots back on with the announcement of Earth Defense Force 4.

The news comes via this weeks issue of Famitsu (info via Gematsu), which announces that the game is coming to PS3 and 360 next year, will feature online multiplayer, and is estimated at 55% complete. There was also a logo, but that’s pretty much all we know. Well, except the fact that you’ll be shooting a metric tonne of bugs and UFOs. And you’ll be able to do it with your buddies online. Perhaps with TGS coming up, we’ll get to see some footage of the game.

Otherwise, it’s good to hear D3 still going with the series. So if you’ll excuse me, that copy of EDF 2017 that I have somewhere needs to be replayed. Such a rad game that was.