PAX Australia Announced

With the Penny Arcade Expo happening over in Seattle, the last thing anyone here in Australia expected was any announcements related to then. But in a surprising turn of events, the first PAX to be held outside of the United States was announced, and it’ll be coming our way.

The news itself comes directly from Penny Arcade masterminds Mike Krahilik and Jerry Hollikins themselves, as they delivered the announcement in their introductory address to the Expo. Unfortuately, that’s all that was said officially – nothing about a date or even a host city has yet to be announced.

While it’s pretty surprising (and quite awesome) news, surely I can’t be the only one thinking it’ll happen in Sydney? While it certainly would be real cool to have in Melbourne, my money goes to Sydney for hosting. Though regardless of where it is, it’ll certainly be a fantastic opportunity for lindie developers to show off their wares, with hope that the acclaimed PAX 10 and Indie Megabooths make their way over here.