Month: September 2012

Fancy your chances against NG+ at the Astro headset booth?

As Timmay and Brad said in the hardware segment, Astro headsets are the real deal. Now, they’re giving you the chance to show you’re the real deal, by playing off against us at Astro’s booth at EBX! We’ll be playing Halo Reach and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 against our pre-registered players, with the

PAX Australia Confirmed for Melbourne, Next July

Earlier this month, we reported on the ever popular Penny Arcade Expo making its debut outside of America and hitting our little island home. While we knew it’d be hitting in 2013, we didn’t know the two other important details: that being where in the country it’d be hitting, let alone when exactly in 2013

Take On Sydney FC At EB Expo With NG+

Way back in June, we were proud to be a part of a pretty rad Alienware event as part of the launch of Game Masters, where Jason and a fan of the show took on fellow media outlets in a FIFA 12 tournament for a chance to win an Alienware laptop. We unfortunately lost that

New Game Plus – S01E23

Brought to you by Tim and Matt this week, we have reviews of Retro Grade, Beat the Beat Rhythm Mayhem and then Puzzle Juice. Tim Interviews the CEO of Razer, to talk about the new Razer Blade gaming laptop. We have Weird and Retro with Tooth Commander and finally Don and Jason bring us the