Arc System Works Announce Blazblue: Chrono Phantasia

It’s been quite a busy year for Arc System Works. They’ve put out another version of Blazblue on consoles, their most recent game (Persona 4 Arena) is due out shortly, and they even have a new version of Guilty Gear hitting downloadable platforms. But that hasn’t stopped them announcing a new project – the third revision of Blazblue (following Contiuum Shift and Contiuum Shift II), Chrono Phantasia. And it’ll be hitting Japanese arcades by the end of the year.

The news comes out of BlueFes 2012 (ASW’s fan event for the series), with someone who was there providing details to The most significant things you’ll need to know are the following. There’ll be three new characters – Amane, Azrael and Bullet. Few details were given as to how they play, but there’s a trailer out that shows them in action. Not to mention that a location test starts today, so we should hear more soon on that. The rest of the announcements aren’t that exciting – each character will have new moves, new music, some characters are slightly redesigned (Noel, for instance, drops her cap and wields a new shotgun).

Sure, it’s easy to not get hyped about another BB revision, but you know what? I’ll gladly take it. BB’s always had a weird spot in my love of fighting games – because while it’s not the one I play the most, I can appreciate just how different it is from everything out there. And hell, I could use a new BB game. But yeah, expect more in the next few months as the arcade release gets closer.