Month: August 2012

New Game Plus – S01E19

This week we have reviews of Beans Quest, Dirt Showdown and Sleeping Dogs. Brad checks out the Maid Cafe at manifest, plus Tim wraps up this year’s SEA leg of the Starcraft 2 world championship tournament. All this plus more on New Game Plus.

Lame Game Marathon 2 Announced

Last year saw a group of local gamers put on one of the more intriguing livestreamed gaming charity marathons of recent times – a 24 marathon of 15 of the worst games out there. And sure enough, the lads not only pulled through to beat their goal of $2000 and somehow managed to retain their

Sony Close Down Studio Liverpool

It’s been a pretty weird week for news so far. Especially in terms of jobs. Yesterday, EA announced that fifty people were being laidoff from PopCap, in addition to announcing Plants Vs Zombies 2. Shortly after that though saw an announcement that was a bit more surprising – Sony announced that they would be closing

PopCap Announces Staff Layoffs

It’s been a mixed couple of days for PopCap Games. Earlier in the week they announced a sequel to the ever-popular title Plants vs Zombies. This morning, however, the company informed its employees of an internal reorganisation that includes the laying off of about fifty staff members as well as the reevaluation of its Dublin