Updated: Final Fantasy Vapourware XIII?

Let’s face it, the Fabula Nova Crystallis mini-series Square Enix sought to realise has had its fair share of bumpy roads and rickety bridges. Originally a set of three different games intertwined with similarly addressed themes had been stricken by localisation issues, sequelitis and more. Amidst the surprising paradigm shift of Fabula Nova Crystallis’ development, there was one glimmer of hope that would bring balance to a tragic tale of stunted releases as well as mediocre fan and critical reception. That glimmer took the form of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Announced way back in 2006, Versus XIII served as an alternative to Final Fantasy XIII both mechanically and aesthetically, leaving current and eventual PS3 owners giddy with anticipation.

That is until now, with rumours circulating from different sources that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been canned outright after more than half a decade in development.


Dark times for Noctis indeed.

With no mention or media release of the game from the publisher since May, Square Enix have been relatively quiet with Versus XIII, and instead more inclined towards giving the limelight to the flagship title Final Fantasy XIII as evident by marketing and a sequel released several months after its first title. During the space of Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s development, avid fans have seen three additions to the Fabula Nova Crystallis series (one being Final Fantasy Type-0 which is only available in Japan). With this in mind, it may be possible that Square Enix shifted their game plan and progressively withdrew their assets from Versus XIII in order to focus more on the main arc. As for the future, Versus XIII may very well become vapourware, as Square Enix are keeping tight lipped regarding the speculation.

Why hide it, you say? Another possibility may entail the use of Versus XIII’s resources and be implemented in a future game. This ties in with yet another rumour describing the progress of the game to be “folded” into the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. This is plausible, and may justify Square Enix’s reluctance to confirm Versus XIII’s cancellation and instead carry the progress onto a fresh new project.

All shall be revealed at Square Enix’s Final Fantasy themed event held in Tokyo this August and early September. As far as details go, one particular stage event will be a reveal of an upcoming Final Fantasy XIII Project and the “Lightning Saga”. The latter part of that sentence spells utter doom for Versus XIII fans, but as they’ve done for 6 morale-crushing years, they must remain optimistic.

How do you feel about the possibility of being able to eventually play Final Fantasy Versus XIII if the game has indeed “folded” into another project? Do you think it will ever see the light of day or are these rumours just getting completely silly? Sound off in the comments section below!


UPDATE: After rumours doing rounds on the World Wide Web, Yoichi Wada of Square Enix has recently debunked all current myths on his Twitter account about the bleak future of Versus XIII. It has been said that production did not (nor will it ever) cease and the game’s development will be seen to it’s completion. Fantastic news for fans worldwide, as it provides something to look forward to during TGS, should Square Enix decide to show a tiny sneak peak. Fingers crossed!