ACMI Game Masters: The Forum – The Australian Story

Day 2 came to an end for me with The Australian Story, an investigation on Australia’s developing identity in the gaming market and the use of australian mythology in games.

Chaired by curator and academic, Helen Stuckey, the forum included John Passfield (Red Sprite Studios), Matthew Hall (KlickTock), Tony Lay (EA Mobile/IronMonkey Studios) and Steve Fawkner (software designer, programmer and composer). The dicussion start with a good question, “Does Australia actually have their own identity in the game development industry?”. Our identity is a mix of the American, the British and the European game development styles, creating a uniqe style that can only come from us, being a very multi-cultural country. Another part of the discussion was about australian mythology, especially about the game, Ty the Tazmanian Tiger which used many themes based off the Dreamtime mythology.

This was one of the most surprising forums that I was present at. I first believed that the subject it was based on was not my cup of tea, but I was totally surprised by the how interesting it actually was. Although, introductions were a bit too lengthy.