ACMI Game Masters: The Forum – Creativity and Commerce

Day 2 continues with Creativity and Commerce, how one can influence the other and explores a range of models that developers and distributors are investigating to creatively produce games.

At the start, we were introduced to a few known and unknown people part of the gaming industry including Tim Schafer (Double Fine Productions), Phil Larsen (Halfbrick), David Surman and Ian Gouldstone (Pachinko Pictures) and Scott Reismanis (Desura/Indie Royale). One of the biggest questions was asked first, does commerce influence creativity, and was answered in a way, I believe, that does not fully represent the gaming industry, as the question was mostly answered by indepentent developers. But was followed by an interesting question, “Is jumpstarter the answer for independant developers?”, if it keeps going the way it is going at the moment, it could become a permanent fix to the problem that independant developers face.

While some of the questions were interesting, I believe that this particular forum could have been better if it had a greater spread of the gaming industry, rather than mostly independant developers discussing commerce.