Activision Announce Deadpool Game

Ahh yes, Deadpool – Merc with a Mouth, got completely butchered in that one X-Men film (and subsequent game), voiced by Nolan North in just about every animation/game project out there, complete and utter annihilator of that thing we call the fourth wall…what’s not to love about him? But it comes as a surprise that despite how popular the character is, there hasn’t been a game based around him yet. But fear not! For Activision have you covered with the announcement of a Deadpool video game.

Over at the San Diego Comic Con, Activision & Marvel announced the game with a brief trailer that showed off that it’ll be a hybrid of hack & slash action with some shooter elements (including…a turret sequence. Yes.). There’s also plenty of Deadpool chatter, which seemed pretty amusing from the brief snippet we saw. The other key bit of info is that the game’s being developed by High Moon Studios, who recently wrapped up production on their third Transformers game in as many years (and sequel to 2010’s War for Cybertron), Fall of Cybertron. No release date was given, but it’s safe to say that it’ll be a PS3/360 title, with a possible PC port. And with the insane love of the property High Moon showed in their Transformers games, it’d be great to see High Moon bring that same level of love and care to their Deadpool game. Hell, that teaser alone features one of the most obscure Marvel shoutouts you could think of – so they’re off to somewhat of a good start!

What makes the announcement really interesting is that it comes off the back of another announcement that High Moon made last week that they’re developing a game based on another Marvel property, Hit-Monkey. It’s exactly that – a hitman that happens to be a monkey. That title has a release date of 2013. Deadpool currently doesn’t. So whether or not both games get released in 2013 or one gets pushed to 2014 remains to be seen. Or hell, Hit-Monkey becomes a part of the Deadpool game, given just how obscure and little used the character is. Either way, very curious to see how the project pans out.