CyberConnect2 to Go On A Bizarre Adventure

For the last few days now, the internets kinda been buzzing on a surprise announcement that was going to be made by Namco, teasing that it’d be an All Star Battle. Given the recent announcements of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale and Namco’s involvement in the new Smash Bros project, it’d seemed that crossover games were the order of the day. Except the announcement? Something completely different that no-one would’ve expected.

Namco (via Yahoo Japan, and you’ll need a translation site to read the link) today confirmed not only a new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime that’ll be airing later this year, but there’s also going to be a new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game, to be developed by CyberConnect2 (of Asura’s Wrath and recent Naruto videogame fame). Known as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, the game will be a Playstation3 exclusive; with no release date set at this time.

While I’m not so excited about the actual gameplay (since it’s something that CC2 haven’t been able to do well), I’m very excited to see how CC2 tell the story of JoJo. Given it’s a story that’s been going for well over 20 years, how much of it will be in the game is entirely up in the air. Still, given the surprisingly good track record of prior JoJo games (thanks to Capcom’s surprisingly great work on the series), I’m hoping that CC2 can keep up that legacy. Let’s just hope that it’ll recieve an English release. JoJo games have never really been great in that regard…

UPDATE: Namco’s put up the official trailer on their YouTube account. Aside from the game kinda looking a little like Street Fighter IV (some of the facial work, particularly), the game confirms it’ll feature the first seven parts of the manga, including the famous third part (Stardust Crusaders, which introduced the world to Dio Brando and WRYY) and the somewhat infamous fifth part (Vento Aureo – infamous thanks a stupid amount of musical references).