Month: July 2012

New Game Plus – S01E15

This week's ep see the guys take a look at Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, Burnout Crash on the iPad and Tribes Ascend, the FTP PC shooter. Plus, Brad covers anime, and gives away some seriously cool titles, Don's in for the news and we have a Darksiders 2 double header, with an interview with

Firemint, Iron Monkey Merge Into Firemonkeys

EA Australia’s two big Melbourne studios, Iron Monkey and Firemint, have recently merged their operations to become the Firemonkeys. The two studios already shared offices, with the Firemint team moving to the St Kilda Road building that housed Iron Monkey not long after their acquisition from EA, so one could argue that such a step

ACMI Game Masters: The Forums – The Collectors

Day 2 had one more forum, ‘The Collectors’, which was very aptly attended by our very own Serby from Weird & Retro. The last of the Gamemasters Forums featured a panel of international guests from a broad spectrum within the games industry to discuss the nature of not only collecting, but also the preservation of video

New Game Plus – S01E14

This week’s New Game Plus sees the last of our student reviews from Monash’s CGBC, as well as The Amazing Spiderman and Tribes Ascend…maybe. Plus we interview Chris Sabat, voice of many anime characters including Piccolo and Vegeta from DBZ, and it’s the first TV airing of our exclusive Darksiders 2 trailer. Donnie talks Ouya,

Updated: Final Fantasy Vapourware XIII?

Let’s face it, the Fabula Nova Crystallis mini-series Square Enix sought to realise has had its fair share of bumpy roads and rickety bridges. Originally a set of three different games intertwined with similarly addressed themes had been stricken by localisation issues, sequelitis and more. Amidst the surprising paradigm shift of Fabula Nova Crystallis’ development, there was