[UPDATED]Want to win an Alienware Laptop? I bet that got your attention…


New Game Plus has been invited to a very special Alienware tournament on the 28th of June at ACMI, located at Federation Square, Melbourne. You know what else is on that day? The first day of ACMI’s Game Masters exhibition! So not only do you get the chance to check out this great exhibition early, but you could win your very own M14X gaming laptop! Hit the link for how to enter.

The lucky winner will be teamed up with Jason to play a knockout tournament of FIFA 12, with the winning team scoring an Alienware M14x laptop for the audience member who rises to the challenge. For your chance to compete, we want you to tell us why you deserve to be chosen. The rest is up to you: video, essay, haiku. Hell, photoshop your head onto Messi’s body. Impress us. You can get it to us at one of the following locations:

  1. Post on our wall at our Facebook page
  2. Post on Twitter using our #ngptv hashtag
  3. email us at [email protected]

The tournament itself runs from 10am-3pm on Thursday the 28th of June, so make sure you’re available. Otherwise, get cracking. We’ll take entries up until Tuesday the 26th, and we will fly you to Melbourne if you’re successful. Otherwise, if you’re Melbournian, you can catch the bus or something. I’m not your dad.

[UPDATE] Thanks to Alienware, we now also have 4 tickets to In Conversation With Tim Schafer to give away to 4 lucky entrants as a consolation prize. This presentation sold out very early on, and this is a very good chance to get these elusive seats for this event, with the very humble and talented Tim Schafer discussing his gaming life. We can’t fly you down for these, but they are a unique event for Australia, and definitely worth the trip.