The Baddest Man On The Planet Coming to WWE 13

Easily the most exciting thing that THQ’s upcoming WWE ’13 has going on is including a massive focus on the Attitude Era (circa 1998-2001), with the company promising some pretty big announcements regarding just who’ll be in the Attitude Roster. So far, we have most of the expected names (Stone Cold, Mick Folely, the Undertaker), but we know now one more name, and it’s a pretty damned interesting choice – Mike Tyson.

The news (via MCV UK) comes as THQ announce that Tyson will be a pre-order bonus for those picking up the game in America & Canada. There’s no word on any other region, but it’d be safe to assume so. What’s most interesting is that despite not being an actual wrestler (and when he was involved in matches, he never grappled a dude, but punched a fair few), he’ll actually be a playable character. Meaning that you’ll be able to effectively make him WWE champion, which’ll be wild for my game. And for those wondering, he’ll be sporting his look back in 1998, so D-Generation X shirt & no iconic facial tatts.

Granted, this isn’t the first time that THQ have offered up someone as a pre-order bonus (the 2010 game had Bret Hart as a special edition unlock only, and last years game had The Rock as a pre-order bonus), but it’s interesting to see them go with such a choice. Hopefully it’ll be like last years game wherein the DLC will actually be made available post-launch. That, and it partially confirms one of the more surprising names revealed from a leaked roster, which is interesting.