Rumor: XBOX 720 Discussion Paper Leaked

Straight from NeoGaf and The Verge is a 56 page document, which is rumored to have all the goodies of the Microsoft master plan for the code named XBOX 720 console. However being the MS fan boy that I am, I would have to say, not much in this document surprises me, other than it’s age.  Most of what is proposed I have been predicting and just seems like the next logical step for the Xbox/PC/Tablet/Phone “ecosystem”. However this document does leave some speculation and questions.

The most interesting  thing for me is the proposed hardware spec, which includes 3 PPC cores for 360 backwards compatibility. The new processor will be either a 2x ARM and/or X86 cores @ 2GHz with 4GB, 128bit DDR4 memory and  GPU 48ALU @ 500MHz. Now lets stop right there, a 2 core x86 processor? Surely this is a document from 2009 right? But the PPT document itself seems to have been created in April 2012.

What the hell, Microsoft ? How could this ever compete with current gen PC hardware? Well Microsoft’s answer to that question seems to be void from this document, but my prediction is that the revamped GFWL that now calls itself Xbox Live in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system is going to be the only answer to this if the specs are current. I know I wont be buying a 720 if my PC will play the same game via Xbox Live with better GFX.

So what do the game developers think about all this ecosystem stuff, that the console vendors are brewing up? Not only do 3rd party developers now need to make their games work on 2 or 3 different consoles plus PC, handhelds, tablets and phones, but now the games need to work across all the different vendor operating system ecosystems of MS, Sony/Android, Nintendo and iOS.

Is Microsoft too late to the game? I think not, and here is why. Sony stuffed the PS3 and is going broke, Apple have no hardware that will appeal to hard core gamers (Casual gamers are playing remade games we had 20 years ago) and finally Nintendo have brought nothing better to the table other than what current gen hardware can already do.

More clues that this document is from 2009/2010. Wii2 anyone?

So to wrap this up, it’s pretty pointless to speculate about a document that is most likely 2 or 3 years old, as all the specs are most likely wrong (well I hope they are).  But sure it is a eye opener to see that they have such a good planing and vision for their future and something the competition can take away as a lesson.

Do you think Microsoft are looking after the core gamer with this vision?