COD BLOPS 2 – Behind the Scenes

As the resident NG+ COD regular, I feel it’s my Duty to bring everyone up  to speed on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. From all the footage released at E3,  we have been shown a large amount of game play, as well as cinematic sequences boasting a mammoth storyline. But can it really live up to the original Black ops? Lets take a look shall we..

In the behind the scenes video below, Treyarch announce that the single player campaign will have a multi path storyline, with different outcomes depending on the decisions you make and the main characters you allow to live or die. This has never been done in COD before and lets all face it, the last good campaign that had a compelling storyline from the series was COD 4, the original Modern Warfare game from the real Infinity Ward. Only Time will tell if Treyarch can turn things around for the campaign segment of the franchise.

Anyone already following the news already knows that the game is set in 2025. The developers go on to talk about how they are “taking todays technology advancements in A.I, Drone and robotics and applying it to the fiction of the game” as well as “turn it around into really amazing game play”. As these hopeful words flow from the developers, they show footage of what I can only describe as an arcade esq` take of Battelfield, especially when you see the fighter jet in game footage.

On the graphics side of things, they show how they went to great lengths to spend the hundred million dollars Acti made on the first blops by using high tech real life motion capture technology of the cinematic and game play character and horse movements. Any one up for a game of Red Dead Duty? So on the subject of flogging a dead horse, since they are still using the same engine, they claim that by tweaking the lighting and polish they believe they can deliver a game that looks and feels new.

It’s just a shame that Microsoft did not deliver a new console this year, because once again the Xbox 360 has been declared as the DLC exclusive champion for blops 2. I’m sure that will keep all the zombies fans happy as the maps are shown to be much bigger.

To cap this off I must say that from what I’ve seen, the proposed content really does set potential false high hopes, but considering that I rage quit MW3 tonight from hackers or lag or something, it’s upsetting to see, that after all the money Acti have made on this franchise they are still letting the developers use the same engine.