THQ Close Down San Diego Studio

In a week filled with plenty of surprise announcements, here’s one that practically no-one was expecting. EA signing a multi-year deal with the UFC, which guarantees the return of EA MMA. The deal has hit THQ rather hard, as the news of the transition comes as the beleagured publisher has shut down its San Diego studio, and fired all the employees that worked there. 

Ever since picking up the studio following the collapse of Midway, they were always one of the quieter THQ studios. They’d put out the stellar WWE All Stars back in 2011, and since then been aiding Yukes in developing content for UFC Undisputed 3. A statement was put out confirming the closure, with the studio planning to aid former employees find work within the remaining THQ studios (that being THQ Montreal, Relic, Volition and Vigil) or with EA.

Utterly insane news, and especially the kind you don’t want to hear around this time. And even more tragic to see this kind of news getting out there at this time. Hope to see some of that talent get out there and back into work – there was some truly great talent there.