New Game Plus at E3 2012

The 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo is almost upon us. We’ve already seen some of what’s on offer but the carnival well and truly kicks off tomorrow morning. What games will stand out above the rest? Will any new hardware be announced (or leaked a couple of hours beforehand)? Who will be crowned The King of E3?

Join New Game Plus as all these and more are revealed!

Jason, Kirsty and Brad (@DYoshii) will be in Los Angeles for E3 and they’ll be posting videos with their thoughts from the show floor; keep an eye out for them on this site and in future episodes of New Game Plus. Back home, we will be posting the major news items on FacebookTwitter and, naturally, right here. In addition, I will be sleeping covering many of the major press conferences live through my Twitter account (@An_Bear)

If you want to see everything unfold live, all of the major press conferences will be streamed (times are in AEST):
Microsoft: Tuesday June 5, 2:30am (stream)
EA: Tuesday June 5, 6:00am (stream)
Ubisoft: Tuesday June 5, 8:00am (stream)
Sony: Tuesday June 5, 11:00am (stream)
Nintendo: Wednesday June 6, 2:00am (stream)

If you’re staying up late, Jamie and I have done a stupid thing and drawn up some E3 playlists. If you’re on Spotify, check out Jamie’s E3 2012 Jams. If you use Rdio, entertain yourself with some E3 Hold Music.

It’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo! All hail the King of E3 2012!