Welcome [Again] to New Game Plus

For the past six weeks, we’ve brought you our brand of video game coverage through the television. The response has been great, and we’ve appreciated the feedback and support we’ve received. Now, we are pleased to expand that coverage to the web with the launch of NewGamePlus.TV.

You can catch up on past episodes of New Game Plus, or even individual segments if you just want to see our thoughts on one particular game, or if you want to catch up with the Weird and Retro boys. In the coming weeks, we will also be bringing you more New Game Plus content, including exclusive video and other exciting features we look forward to revealing.

But that’s not all. NewGamePlus.TV will also be bringing you the latest gaming news, the best trailers, interviews with some of the people behind your favourite games, and deeper analysis of this industry we enjoy so much. We’ll also be calling on the help of partners and affiliates, all of whom share our dedication and passion, to give us their take on the various happenings in the gaming world.

There’s plenty on offer here, and we hope you’ll stick around to help us make this jam something great.

Once again, welcome to New Game Plus. As I’m prone to saying, it’s gonna be a really big show