EA Confirm Criterion's Need for Speed Most Wanted

With E3 a number of days away, it’s getting more and more interesting to see just what information is just getting out there – like photos of booths or how stages are being presented, it’s hard to ignore the hype train and get on board. Then you have exhibitors just flat out announcing stuff prior to the show, which is never really any fun. Even if it’s a pretty badly kept secret, it’s always fun to see stuff get announced at the show. So then you have EA who basically don’t give you any surprises whatsoever and announce everything less than a week before the show.

Over on the official Need for Speed Facebook page, EA confirmed that this years Need for Speed title will once again be helmed by Criterion Games, and will once again be a reboot of one of their existing titles. This time, it’s 2005’s Most Wanted – which is probably the most fondly remembered Need for Speed game, bringing together the tuner culture that was a big part of Need for Speed back in the last generation, but also parts of old NFS, like exotic cars and crazy cop chases. The first screenshot (as well as the cover of the game) also pretty much confirms that they game will take place in an urban setting, compared to the coastal/desert map that made up Criterion’s 2010 reboot of Hot Pursuit.


Gotta admit, that's looking mighty sharp.

Where I’m curious the most is whether or not they’ll try their hand at telling a story via FMV cutscenes, which was a huge part of Most Wanted, and one of the most enjoyable parts to boot. But I suppose we’ll learn more come this week.