Big Updates Coming To MapleStory!

It’s a big news week in games as 2019 winds down, but one thing you may have missed are some major updates to venerable MMO MapleStory and its mobile version MapleStory M. If you haven’t played for a while or itching to get back in, publisher/developer Nexon has announced some cool new features and additions to the game.

First off, MapleStory has been updated to version .209, titled Glory: Strengthened Alliances. Taking place after the fall of the Black Mage, the Maple Guard is tasked with rebuilding Maple World, and with this, a new character joins the ranks: Hoyoung! Described as an unpredictable sage, is an Anima Thief that has LUK as his primary stat. It’s worth giving him a shot now, as levelling Hoyoung to Level 200-250, you’ll receive some rewards in the next major update. This update not only includes a heap of quality of life improvements, but there’s also a big Glory event running now until 28 Jan 2020, which can see players score a heap of rewards.

For those playing MapleStory M, or looking to play the mobile game, there’s currently a collaboration with light novel franchise Re:Zero happening in the game! If you’re looking to get some Rem or Ram (or both) in your MapleStoryM, you’d best get started right away! The collaboration ends on 16 December 2019.

If you’re looking to get into MapleStory, or haven’t checked into it in a while, these updates look sure t