About New Game Plus

Made by a large portion of the team behind Level3, New Game Plus is a new look and take on gaming TV. Incorporating a strong gaming focus, with a healthy dose of related subcultures, NG+ aims to bring you thoughtful reviews, exclusive interviews and event coverage, and the best videos from a range of specialist contributors. Airing weekly, check out NG+ on C31 in Melbourne, Monday nights at 10:30pm or on TVS in Sydney and Triangle TV(NZ) (Check Local Guides for times)





  • Jason O’Callaghan: Managing Director / Producer
  • Liam Merrick:  A/V Editor / Producer
  • David Lewis: Artist, A/V Editor / Producer
  • Peter Lawson: Theme Music
  • Robert Hill: Marketing Manager, Floor Manager
  • Sabrina Sabolic: Scheduling Manager
  • Mark Szili: Web Content Manager, Promotions Manger
  • Justin Gascoigne: Web Developer
  • Matt Batten: Production Assistant
  • Shane Cousins: Production Assistant
  • Nick Butler: Online Social Network Moderator
  • Jarred Crossley: Web Content Writer