400 And Counting: Week Seven (Fight For Your Right)

This is the week that I completely ignored the SBS On Demand service and got my movie fix elsewhere. I guess it’s good this blog has nothing to do with watching the 400 movies added to it.

Right. Distraction.

I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon recently. I’m enjoying it, but it exactly the same as every Pokémon ever. Also I watched a Disney movie this week. Continue reading 400 And Counting: Week Seven (Fight For Your Right)

New Game Plus – S3E41

This week on New Game Plus, we shoot around the world in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, battle across Japan in Samurai Warriors 4 and charge through the Melbourne Exhibition Centre as our coverage of PAX Australia continues. We also take a look at Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Interstellar. All this, plus more, on Episode 125 of New Game Plus!

Ubisoft Issue Apology After Assassin's Creed Unity's Launch


After what has been a complicated year, Ubisoft have issued an apology for the lackluster launch of this year’s current generation installment of the Assassin’s Creed series, Assassin’s Creed Unity and have offered upcoming free DLC for those who had picked the game up this November as well as removing the Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass from all online marketplaces at the time of writing. Continue reading Ubisoft Issue Apology After Assassin's Creed Unity's Launch

400 And Counting: Week Six (TV Is The Thing)

This was the week that I almost starting playing World of Warcraft again. It was a near miss. If the Blizzard call centre was open I would’ve reactivated my account and that would’ve been it. Instead I just spent a night watching WoW streams on Twitch.

This was the week where I caught up on TV. American Horror Story: Freakshow is out, and despite a rather weak first episode, the series has me hooked. The Newsroom’s final season is also under way and it gets better and better with every episode. Pair that with the weekly offerings of Whose Line is it Anyway and Billy on the Street and you can see where this is going.

I love watching movies but now that I have to watch movies every day, I’m finding it harder to motivate myself. This blog is being written all on a Wednesday, where previously I wrote each review after I see the films. Sure, writing a blog and watching movies isn’t really hard work, but I just can’t be fucked some nights.

I’m almost tempted to fire up my Xbox. Almost. Continue reading 400 And Counting: Week Six (TV Is The Thing)

400 And Counting: Week Five (Looking for Time)

After last’s week final paragraph about getting back into watching weird and wonderful films, I promptly spent the next two days not watching films. Good job, Liam. Continue reading 400 And Counting: Week Five (Looking for Time)

Just Cause 3 Unveiled

Just Cause 3 altSquare Enix has revealed Just Cause 3 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.Avalanche Studios is returning to develop this open-world action-adventure title. It will see Just Cause 2 protagonist Rico deployed in a Mediterranean archipelago. The game will introduce a wingsuit for traversal, and bring back Just Cause stalwarts — the parachute and grapple-hook — albeit with “vastly improved…mechanics.”

“We’ve been waiting for this moment ever since Just Cause 2 was released,” said Avalanche Studios’ founder and Chied Creative Officer Christofer Sundberg, “This is the culmination of a decade’s worth of open-world evolution and innovation.” Continue reading Just Cause 3 Unveiled