Steam Machines Announced

steam machines logoIn the second of Valve’s announcements this week, Steam Machines are coming. On the same topic as their last announcement, the Steam Machines will be lounge room entertainment systems from “multiple partners” all running SteamOS. These machines will come in different specs and are scheduled to be available in 2014 with more details to come. Valve is also running a beta with 300 prototypes to be sent out to a lucky few, if you want to try your luck you will need to complete the following.  Continue reading Steam Machines Announced

SteamOS Announced


Valve has been teasing 3 announcements about the “Living Room” this week, the first of which being SteamOS, A linux based operating system with Valve’s Steam platform at its core for the big screen. With Valve’s recent push behind linux gaming and the potential benefits to more direct hardware access for developers we are told to watch out for “all the AAA titles coming natively to SteamOS in 2014”.  Continue reading SteamOS Announced

Sega Acquires Index Corp, Atlus

Sega Sammy Holdings, parent company of Sega, announced that it has acquired Index Corporation, the parent company of Persona 4 developer Atlus. Nikkei Japan reported earlier today that the deal was worth ¥14 billion ($A151 million).

Index filed for bankruptcy on June 27, with reported debts of ¥24.5 billion ($A258 million). The company was also the subject of an investigation by the Japanese Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission on suspicion of falsifying documents. Prior to this deal, Sega distributed Index’s games in Japan, while Sammy consigned development of pachinko boards to the company. Continue reading Sega Acquires Index Corp, Atlus

Blizzard Shutting Down Diablo III Auction House

Diablo III logoBlizzard has announced that it will be shutting down the Diablo III Auction House service. Both the Gold and the Real Money Auction Houses will close on March 18, 2014.  In its stead, Blizzard will be implementing its ‘Loot 2.0’ system into the PC version of Diablo III and upcoming expansion, Reaper of Souls.

“A big part of Diablo is the thrill of battling demons and finding epic loot,” a Blizzard’s community manager said in a FAQ posted on the official forums, “While buying epic loot in the auction houses might be more convenient, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as heroic as plowing through a pack of fearsome-looking monsters and having them drop that one awesome item that seems like it was made for your character.” Continue reading Blizzard Shutting Down Diablo III Auction House

Family Sharing Coming To Steam

Steam Family Sharing iconValve has announced a Family Sharing program for Steam. The program, geared at family and close friends, will allow for Steam users to share their game libraries with up to ten other devices. Authorised devices will have access to the sharer’s entire library and associated DLC (excluding titles with third-party keys, accounts or subscriptions) and players will be able to maintain their own save files and achievements.

Only one user will have access to a title at a time, with the primary owner able to effectively kick a user off if they want to play that game; the authorised user will be given a few minutes to purchase the game or quit playing.

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SCEJA Pre-TGS 2013 Press Conference

Hours before the Sony Computer Entertainement Japan/Asia pre-Tokyo Game Show conference, it was easy to assume that this would be what we’ve come to expect from anything regarding TGS in recent years – a bunch of announcement solely dedicated to the Asian market, and nothing at all to gleam for us westerners. The one bit of optimism we all had was that it was the first time Japan would be talking about PS4, and that was it, and we’d all get a bit of a laugh out of the insane titles that would be making their way to Asian audiences soonish. How wrong we all were. Continue reading SCEJA Pre-TGS 2013 Press Conference

Coalition Backs Down From Mandatory Internet Filter (Updated)

LNP logo[Update] Hours after releasing a policy paper outlining an opt-out internet filter, the Coalition has backed away from the policy. Opposition Communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull released a statement saying that today’s announcement was incorrect, “The policy which was issued today by was poorly worded and incorrectly indicated that the Coalition supported an “opt out” system of internet filtering for both mobile and fixed line services. That is not our policy and never has been.

The correct position is that the Coalition will encourage mobile phone and internet service providers to make available software which parents can choose to install on their own devices to protect their children from inappropriate material.”

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott blamed a lack of “quality control” for the error, reports ABC News.

Earlier in the day, Turnbull defended the opt-out filter on Triple J’s Hack program. He said in a tweet that, “I read policy shortly before going on @triplej I did my best to make sense of it, until I could ensure it was authoritatively corrected.”

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Xbox One Release Date Confirmed For 13 Countries, Pre-Order Incentives Announced

Xbox One launchMicrosoft have put an end to speculation about the release of their Xbox One console, announcing last night a release date of November 22nd in 13 territories: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA, with a continuing launch window in other territories extending into 2014.
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