Dimensional Downgrade: Nintendo 2DS announced [Updated]

2dsIn recent news, Nintendo has announced the arrival of a new console within their portable family, titled the Nintendo 2DS.

Marking the third iteration of Nintendo’s current generation portable consoles, the Nintendo 2DS offers a completely new form factor, ditching the flip top Game and Watch-esque format and instead donning a solid tablet-like appearance. As one can expect, the 3D capabilities of previous consoles will not be implemented in the Nintendo 2DS, despite being compatible with every 3DS title released to date. The Nintendo 2DS will feature an SD card slot and come packaged with a 4GB SD card for downloadable titles.


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Kickstarter Coming To Australia

For a crowdfunding service that is locked out to Australians (unless you somehow have access to a US or UK social security number), Kickstarter is amazingly popular down here. Both in terms of the amount of Australians taking part in funding projects, as well as the slowly increasing amount of projects originating from Australia (such as GameLoading, Sneaky Bastards and Satellite Reign). Perhaps as a response to all this, or an attempt to break into a new market, the folks at Kickstarter have announced that soon, Australians and New Zealanders will be able to be able to use a local version of Kickstarter to help fund their projects. Continue reading Kickstarter Coming To Australia

New Game Plus – S02E29

We go to infinity and beyond this week on New Game Plus! From awards to apps, it's nothing but iNsanity with our iPad comparison and iAwards coverage! Back at PAX, Total War: Rome II gets a workout while Donald goes indie. For reviews, Matt and Shane harness the power of music in Rush Bros while we fool around in the toybox of Disney Infinity. All this, plus more on episode 65 of New Game Plus!