Month: July 2013

NG+ At PAX Australia!

The first Penny Arcade Expo to be held in Australia is almost upon us, and New Game Plus will be there in force! Jason and Brad will be participating in Gaming and Anime: A Cultural Crossover at 11:30am on Friday the 19th in the Wombat Theatre. Kirsty is presenting “Cos We Can!”: How To Get Involved In

DOTA 2 Runs Out Of Beta, Releases On Time

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally happened! Valve’s DOTA 2 is no longer a beta product that requires an invite or early access payments any more, nor will it flood your Steam Inventory with invites that no-one wants, it’s now out there and finally a real game that anyone can pick up and play on Steam.

New Game Plus – S02E22

This week, it gets managerial! Join Jason and Matt as they assume the duties of mayor in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Kirsty also gives the boys a run for their money in a review and interview for Run That Town! Shane and Timmay head for the trenches with strategy sweetheart Company of Heroes 2, while

UPDATED: Super Smash Bros Melee streaming at EVO 2013

UPDATE: In breaking news, Nintendo of America have permitted Super Smash Bros. Melee to go ahead as part of the original streaming schedule. People tuning into the EVO 2013 stream around the world will be able to experience high level Smash play spanning over hundreds of players between July 12th – 14th. Amended SRK post can

New Game Plus – S02E21

This week’s ep sees Jason go west in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Kirsty gets her heart broken by SpaceDogs Plus, and Shaney talks GRID2. Straight form E3, Tim talks Witcher 3 with the devs, Brad returns for another anime wrap up, and we go a bit srs bsnss with a look at some great utility

New Game Plus – S02E20

It’s post-E3, and the New Game Plus crew are coming out swinging! Don’t miss our exclusive interview with the minds behind Kickstarter-funded Armikrog, as well as our E3 wrap up direct from America. Meanwhile back at the studio, Matt strategises in Fire Emblem Awakening then Tim and Jason fight for their lives in The Last