The First Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced!

It’s been over four months since the release of Bioshock Infinite, and one question’s been on the minds of just about everyone who’s played it…aside from whether or not the ending was any great or whether or not the game was as praiseworthy as reviews hinted it as; just what the hell is the DLC for the game, and why are they selling a season pass for content that won’t be talked about for some time? Well, wonder no more, 2K have unveiled the details for the first two pieces of DLC for Bioshock Infinite. Continue reading The First Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced!

Saints Row IV refused classification by Classification Review Board

The Classification Review Board has upheld the Refused Classification rating previously given to Saints Row IV. A three-member panel of the Board announced the unanimous decision this afternoon: “In the Review Board’s opinion, Saints Row IV could not be accommodated within the R 18+ classification as drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted.” Saints Row IV was originally Refused Classification by the Australian Classification Board late last month due to the use of “alien narcotics,” which provided in-game benefits,  as well implied sexual violence from the game’s Alien Anal Probe weapon. Continue reading Saints Row IV refused classification by Classification Review Board

The Dota 2 International 2013 Schedule Released

Ti3Ti3 is just around the corner and a lot of us here are very keen to watch the best professional Dota 2 teams fight it out for a share of the >$2.5 million dollar prize pool. In their latest blog post Wish You Were Here, Valve outlined further details about the upcoming event which I’ve quickly put into AEST. Continue reading The Dota 2 International 2013 Schedule Released

Surprise Attack Games – Your New Independent Game Publisher

The indie scene here in Australia (and especially here in Melbourne) is one hell of a burgeoning industry. While the big-budget AAA developers and publishers have all but left Australia, there’s still plenty of exciting developments in the local games scene. Today sees another step in that direction with the announcement of Surprise Attack Games, an offshoot of PR company Surprise Attack, dedicated to publishing locally developed games and getting them out there to an international audience. Continue reading Surprise Attack Games – Your New Independent Game Publisher

New Game Plus – S02E23

This week on New Game Plus – We make ourselves boyfriends, break the fourth wall with Deadpool, catch up with the Giana Sisters, return to Donkey Kong Country, interview a voice acting legend and talk comics at Computer Games Boot Camp. All this plus more on Episode 59 of New Game Plus.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Announced

In case you somehow may have completely missed it, the 2013 Evolution Championship Series was this weekend, with the tournament as a whole wrapping up just recently with a particularly stunning Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition grand final. Though speaking of Street Fighter IV, Capcom had a pretty big announcement for the game, it’s getting a big new update – Ultra Street Fighter IV, hitting the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 early in 2014.

For starters – there are five new characters coming to the game. Four of which were confirmed by Capcom: Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Elena, with the fifth character being a completely new character, and revealed later in the year. The game will feature a whole host of new modes as well as a number of gameplay tweaks and balances, mostly suggested by the fan base. Not to mention, Capcom will be selling the game as a digital upgrade for $15USD, with a disc version for $40 USD. Not to mention the balances will be available as a free patch sometime in the near future.

I’m kind of two minds on this one. While this is no doubt going to get me back into Street Fighter IV, it’s kinda disappointing to see that the four returning characters are effectively taken from Street Fighter X Tekken. Not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing (hey, if you’ve got the assets and data), and it’s great to see more Street Fighter III characters, but I’m more interested in this brand new character…who or whatever it is.

Reinstated – State of Decay given R18+ rating in Australia

StateOfDecay_logoIn what has been a week of indecision and mind changing, State of Decay has been given the coveted R18+ classification after it was initially refused classification earlier this month.

Previously reported, State of Decay by Undead Games had initially been refused classification due to the ability to utilise real-world narcotics to obtain a variety of advantages in-game.

Continue reading Reinstated – State of Decay given R18+ rating in Australia

Ratchet & Clank Return, And Are Heading Into The Nexus

The Ratchet & Clank franchise is in this weird spot lately – platformers are sadly non-exsistant in this generation, and yet Insomniac and other Sony developers are still keeping at it. Sure, they’ve also tried to bring the duo to new genres (the less said about All 4 One and Q-Force the better), but what’d be great is a brand new platformer. No multiplayer gimmicks, no drastic changes in genre – a straight up Ratchet & Clank game. And that’s what Sony and Insomniac will be giving you later this year – with the release of Ratchet & Clank: Nexus (known as into the Nexus outside of PAL territories). Continue reading Ratchet & Clank Return, And Are Heading Into The Nexus