Month: April 2013

Opinion – The Trouble With Transmedia

There’s been some hype as of late for MMO shooter Defiance. For the longest time, all I’d heard about the game was it involved publisher/developer Trion Worlds, creators of the semi-successful MMO Rift, and that people were excited for it. And you know what? All this got me somewhat interested in the game…and then I

Disney Closes Lucasarts

One of the most shocking purchases of last year saw Disney accquring Lucasfilm and pretty much all its assets, including its venerable game developer Lucasarts. Sure, they hadn’t been on the greatest streak of late, with the less said about Kinect Star Wars & The Force Unleashed II the better, but Star Wars 1313 looked

Telltale Announce Poker Night 2

Poker Night at the Inventory was a weird game. It’s completely different from Telltales norm of adventure games, and while it wasn’t the best Poker game, it was an entertaining enough and pretty darned funny to see characters like Strong Bad or Max or the Heavy interacting with one another. And hey, you got some

New Game Plus – S02E13

This week's episode of NG+ sees Jamie and Jason go to war, with reviews of God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgement and Weird and Retro. We also look at Lep's Quest and the best of recent Indie Games. All this, plus more on episode 49 of New Game Plus. What?