Opinion – The Not So Ugly Side Of Transmedia

Transmedia can be an easy target. After all, there are so many terrible book and film adaptations in video games, and developers often have recourse to use cutscenes to tell the story, which highlights the difficulties of delivering a narrative in-game; Max Payne 3 received a lot of criticism for delivering a narrative too dependent on cutscenes. One alternative seems to be to hide the backstory within audio logs or embedded content, or especially transmedia publications that substitute for genuine in-game world-building. This use of transmedia for world-building could be a sign of even more desperation than extensive cutscenes. If this interferes with the player’s enjoyment of the game, and the in-game narrative feels empty or slimmer as a result, this is certainly a problem.

However, with the right amount of world-building in the game itself and a well-crafted transmedia product as a balance, it is possible for publishers to present the mythology of a franchise across different media. Continue reading Opinion – The Not So Ugly Side Of Transmedia

THQ Properties Sold To Gearbox, Nordic Games

Homeworld_coverEarlier today, THQ announced the outcomes of an auction it recently held for a number of its intellectual properties not put up for bid in its last major auction. Out of this, developer Gearbox Software purchased the Homeworld games, while the Swedish publisher Nordic Games purchased a number of  THQ’s properties, including Darksiders and Red Faction. THQ is set to receive $6.55 million USD for the sale of these properties.

Gearbox acquired the licence for the sci-fi RTS Homeworld for $1.35 million USD. In a statement on its website, Gearbox said that its Chief Creative Office, Brian Martel, intended “to direct Gearbox’s interest to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms.” Gearbox beat out other potential bidders including teamPixel, who successfully raised $58,644 through a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to purchase the rights to the franchise. Backers of that campaign will have their pledges refunded. Continue reading THQ Properties Sold To Gearbox, Nordic Games

New Game Plus Ep 50.1

This web exclusive ep sees a very tired looking Jason, and a pretty as always Kirsty, relaxing at Supanova Melbourne. There's an interview with DC Comics' Gail Simone, hosted by first timer Alice, and a look at Disney Infinite with John Day from Avalanche Studios. Finally, we have an exclusive contest for a special screening of Iron Man 3, so get watching and get entering! Full show will be back in a few weeks! Get hype.

Opinion – Stories Worth Fighting For

WWEAllStars_JohnCenaWe are frequently debating about whether fighting games should have stories. After all, these are games that are primarily designed for competition or to be played with other people, single player is mostly treated as one of three things: Training for the online/multiplayer game, an afterthought, or the unnecessary focus of the game that takes away from the multiplayer.

Yet when it’s done well, it’s such a delight. Continue reading Opinion – Stories Worth Fighting For

Nintendo Direct – 18/4/13 Report

After two months of being rather quiet, Nintendo held yet another one of their Nintendo Direct broadcasts – dedicated mostly to more 3DS announcements, yet with some good nuggets of news for WiiU owners. Last time, Nintendo head Satoru Iwata declared 2013 to be the Year of Luigi, announcing Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros, the New Super Luigi DLC for New Super Mario Bros U and in non-Luigi news, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. This time? Just as many big announcements. Continue reading Nintendo Direct – 18/4/13 Report

"Make The Games You Want To Make"

Last month, ACMI hosted the panel Indie Development: Exploring The Fringe, one in a regular series of Re:Play panels organised by Freeplay. Over the night, independent game designer Farbs, developer and regular jam organiser Andrew Brophy and freelance artist Yangtian Li discussed their experiences with the indie gaming scene and some of the ways independent games are unlike anything else.

Matt and Donald were in attendance and bring you some of the interesting stories and ideas from the night. Continue reading "Make The Games You Want To Make"

Sega Announce Castle of Illusion Remake

I’ll admit, growing up I wasn’t a Sega kid. I was firmly a Nintendo kid, because I didn’t want my games to sound like crap. We didn’t need no fancy add-ons to improve the gameplay experience either! But I do recall playing some Castle of Illusion (starring Mickey Mouse!) at my cousins place a few times, and rather enjoyed it. So imagine my surprise that some 20 years later, Sega and Disney are teaming up to bring a Mega Drive/Master System classic to modern day platforms via a remake of Castle Of Illusion, simply known as…Castle of Illusion. Continue reading Sega Announce Castle of Illusion Remake

Batman Arkham Origins & Arkham Origins Blackgate Announced

How time flies, eh? It’s been nearly two years since the acclaimed Batman Arkham City, and since then, we haven’t heard a peep out of developer Rocksteady. No hints as to what they’re working on, but plenty of rumours. Depending on who you believe, they’re either working on a Superman game, or a Batman game set in the 60’s. The latter has some truth – it’s a new game, but it’s not quite what you think. And it’s not being worked on by who you’d think. Put simply, WB games announced two new Batman games – Arkham Origins and Arkham Origins: Blackgate. Continue reading Batman Arkham Origins & Arkham Origins Blackgate Announced