New Game Plus – S02E08

A big Konami episode of NG+ this week, with reviews of Zone of the Enders HD and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. We also take a look at HackeyCat, Jamie looks at some of the downloadable titles on offer over the last month, we talk to Rodger Bumpass, best known for playing Squidward in Spongebob Squarepants, and Don returns to discuss Sony's PS4 announcement. All this, plus more, on episode 44 of New Game Plus.

Opinion – How To Make An Alien

AVP_PosterCaptionI recently had the displeasure of playing and reviewing Aliens: Colonial Marines. I didn’t like it very much, especially compared to what we’d already seen in the past from Aliens games. Since we filmed that review, there have been a lot of claims that Gearbox contracted TimeGate studios to do the majority of the work. We’re not going to get into that, but it’ll certainly be an interesting story over the next few months to read into.

But I want to use this piece as a means of partially answering a question that I asked at the start of the review: “Just why is it so hard to make a good Aliens game?” Continue reading Opinion – How To Make An Alien

Playstation 4: It's Real, And It's Coming This Year

So after weeks of hype from Sony themselves, plus developers around them, it finally happened. Sony today announced the Playstation 4 at their 2013 Playstation Meeting event in New York. They announced the console in a two hour event, showing off just what the system is capable of, some of the games that’ll be hitting the system, and not all that much else. However, there’s three core bits of info you need to know about the system – it’s coming in 2013, it uses a new Dual Shock controller, and it’s quite possibly the most online intensive console ever designed. Continue reading Playstation 4: It's Real, And It's Coming This Year

New Game Plus – S02E07

This week's ep is equal parts East and West, with a healthy dose of content from each. We review Virtue's Last Reward and Aliens Colonial Marines, while Brad goes hands on with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. We talk Indie Game Boxsets, Anime and join forces with Geek Bomb to talk Sim City on the first New Geek Plus segment. All this, plus more, on episode 43 of New Game Plus.

Opinion – My Ideal Console

8 core processor! 800mHz DirectX 11.1! Higher skeletal detection!! 1.21 GIGAWATTS OF RAW GAME PROCESSING POWER!! These are but some of the rumoured specs being thrown around for the upcoming Sony and Microsoft consoles. I couldn’t recall them off the top of my head and I probably won’t remember them by the end of this paragraph. Mere tech specs haven’t really meant anything to me since the Nintendo 64, and the only reason I cared was because it was in the title. Also, I was eight.

Instead, here are some of the things that I want to see in the Microsoft Working Title or the Sony [Insert Name Here]. Continue reading Opinion – My Ideal Console