Month: January 2013

New Game Plus – S02E03

Another variety pack this week on New Game Plus! We talk Christmas Handheld pickups, go Time Surfing with the guys from Kumobious, and Brad's back for another anime segment. Brad also takes a look at DmC, and awaits your angry emails, while Jamie looks at Lego Lord of the Rings and Kirsty plays Icon Pop

EA Showcase: Fuse, SimCity, Dead Space 3 and Crysis!

Last month EA Games Australia held a showcase to preview all of their upcoming titles for 2013. Aside from every game looking expectedly stellar, after less than half an hour with Fuse, SimCity, Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3, I wanted so much more. For those who don’t know, Fuse is a squad-based four player co-operative third

Opinion – Spoiler Eh…lert

Spoilers. It’s the worst thing to occur to media in the modern age. Because it’s so easy to accidentally spoil something to a larger audience than normal, it’s become more important than take a bit more care as to what you say publicly, lest you somehow ruin the enjoyment of somebody else. But then there

To Infinity and Beyond!

Disney has just joined the ‘Shut Up And Take My Money’ club today with the announcement of Disney Infinity, a new “gaming experience” where you can play a variety of Disney franchises through controlling some of your favourite characters. While games of Disney movies are nothing new, this is an amalgamation of potentially all of