Opinion – Turn and Face the Strange

DMC_iconIf you were to wade into the comments section of any DmC Devil May Cry coverage, you would have thought that Ninja Theory personally went into everyone’s house and ripped the head off their precious childhood teddy bear. To call the vitriol over this recent reboot ‘a bit over the top’ would be the understatement of the year.

It would almost give you the impression that gamers cannot handle even the slightest change to their beloved franchise, which is a sad thought. Continue reading Opinion – Turn and Face the Strange

Nintendo Direct 24/1/13 Recap

I love Nintendo Direct – I really do. There’s no set schedule, no real confirmation if Iwata is going to drop a bomb or two, it’s such a beautifully chaotic crapshoot on what we’re gonna get. And sure enough, we got one earlier this morning. Really early this morning. But it was quite worth it, since there was a bunch of really useful announcements of upcoming software and features, plus an incredibly weird crossover that is both amazing and terrifying at the same time. Continue reading Nintendo Direct 24/1/13 Recap

THQ Auction Results Detailed, Who Goes Where?

After what feels forever,  the long downward spiral of THQ looks to have finally ended, with the company putting up its studios and IPs for auction yesterday. While not everything was scooped up initially, a huge bunch of THQ was sold, and we now know how much was spent and who owns what’s left of the company.

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