Month: September 2012

The New Razer Blade Announced For Australia

While the rest of the crew were off having fun at the Tokyo Game Show, I went to Sydney for the announcement of “the worlds first true gaming laptop”, the Razer Blade. At the event we had the opportunity to test the limits of the device with Battlefield 3 as well as interviewing Razer CEO

Battle Arena Melbourne Hits Next Week!

If you’re in Melbourne, there’s a couple of extremely rad events happening. The first (and by far the more obvious) is the 2012 AFL Grand Final. No idea how that’s gonna play out just yet, but if that’s not enough, there’s another crazy event going on. That being the second big fighting game tournament of

Win A LE TPB Of Kranburne!

This week’s a huge week for local comicsmith Ben Michael Byrne. He’s not only launching the fourth issue of his post-apocalyptic┬ácomic Kranburn this weekend at the FEC Extravaganza, held this Saturday at All Star Comics, but he’s also put the final touches on an truthfully limited edition trade paperback of the first three issues of

Lame Game Marathon – Final Lineup Announced!

Not too long ago, we taked about the Lame Game Marathon 2 – the sequel to last years 24 hour livestream event where three slightly insane Melbourne gamers took it upon themsleves to play through a number of bad games for charity, raising thousands of dollars in doing so. ┬áSo this year, with a goal

Join the Inquisition with Dragon Age III

Hey folks, remember Dragon Age II? Remember how it was a sequel developed in around 18 months, had sweet nothing to do with the original game and was kinda bad on all fronts? Well, hopefully you’ve all calmed down from that game, because guess what? Bioware’s next project is a new Dragon Age game. An

New Game Plus – S01E22

Jason shows off his open flesh wound, to bring you reviews of, Gold Digger, Rock Band Blitz and Guild Wars 2. Jamie tours the Games Lab in another Gamers Guide to Melbourne. Plus Jason catches up with Stevivor in Sydney for the Medal of Honor Bootcamp. All this plus more on New Game Plus Episode