New Game Plus – S01E10

Jason and Kirsty are back on set, but it would appear as though they came home, via Mexico, just in time to slaughter lots of zombies in reviews of Lollipop Chainsaw & Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City. PLUS we board the star ship Rocket Chainsaw once again, Brad looks at more anime & Kirsty looks at an iOS app. All this plus more, on Episode 10 of New Game Plus.

[Updated] Nintendo Announce 3DS XL

Hard to think just a matter of weeks ago was E3, wherein Nintendo pretty much shafted the 3DS in terms of news & announcements in lieu of the Wii U. Understandable, but kinda surprising that we didn’t hear too much, save for a vague announcement of “there’s going to be a seperate event later”. That seperate event happened today. Nintendo held another “Nintendo Direct” livestream, in which they revealed a 3DS revision, the 3DS LL, or as it’ll be known here, the 3DS XL. Continue reading [Updated] Nintendo Announce 3DS XL

Microsoft says No Thanks to Motorola's settlement offer.

The patent violating court case between Microsoft and the Google-owned Motorola took another step up with Microsoft dismissing the settlement where Motorola “offered to pay Microsoft 33 cents for each Android phone using ActiveSync, which updates calendars automatically, and asked for a royalty of 2.25 per cent on each Xbox and 50 cents per copy of Windows for using its patents.”

Microsoft’s deputy general counsel Horacio Gutierrez had the following to say regarding the offer

“While we welcome any good faith settlement effort, it’s hard to apply that label to a demand that Microsoft pay royalties to Google far in excess of market rates, that refuses to license all the Microsoft patents infringed by Motorola, and that is promptly leaked to the press,”

Looks like we’re in for more crazy courtroom hijinks in the future….I cant wait to see what Motorola comes back with.

via Eurogamer

Saints Row: Enter The Dominatrix Now A Sequel; Hits in 2013

One sorta surprising announcement from last month was for a disc based expansion for Saints Row: The Third, known as “Enter the Dominatrix”, which promised to bring some serious changes to the game and expand it beyond what the DLC added. But surprisingly, we didn’t hear anything from it at E3. It wasn’t shown, or if it was, no-one brought it up in the deluge of post-show updates. However, it seems the reasoning for its no show has been revealed via an interview with THQ president Jason Rubin: it’s not coming out. At least, as an expansion. Instead, it’ll be released in 2013, but it’s being expanded on to the point where it’s being considered a sequel. Not that he named it Saints Row Goes Fourth or anything. Continue reading Saints Row: Enter The Dominatrix Now A Sequel; Hits in 2013