New Game Plus – S01E02

Yes, we made it to Episode 2!!!! This week's reviews consist of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Quarrel, Bag it! and Mass Effect 3. Speaking of ME3, Donald brings up the furore surrounding the game, particularly about its ending, and this week's PLUS segment is coverage of the recent indie gaming event “Molyjam”, where we answer the question “What Would Molydeux?”. All this, plus more, on New Game Plus.

New Game Plus – S01E01

Welcome to the first episode of New Game Plus. Hosted by Jason, Kirsty and Timmy, we bring you a new take on gaming. Alongside our hosts’ informed opinion on games, complimented by gaming industry news and interviews, NG+ is proud to present a broader focus on pop culture, with coverage of comics, anime, sci fi and more. In this episode we have reviews from Brad, Kirsty and Jason, respectively reviewing Soul Calibur V, Super Lemonade Factory and Darkness 2. PLUS Jason interviews Ben Michael Byrne on his comic book Kranburn. We also have Kane and Aleks back with Weird and Retro, explaining what “New Game Plus” actually means in the gaming world. Finally, Donald is also back with the news, rounding out the first show of many that we hope you'll enjoy.